Sigurd Mørkved Albrektsen, PhD

Current and previous positions as of 2023:


  • Developed the SentiBoard - a reconfigurable sensor timing board
  • Development of localization package for the PILOTING project for tunnell inspection using LIDAR, IMU and camera
  • AutoActive - Sensor data handling software for a wide range of sensors, developed in Xamarin for .Net
  • Participated in the I3DS project, aiming to integrate 3D-sensors for both orbital and planetary space applications
  • Localization using phased array antennas in cooperation with Radionor
  • Participated in the INACHUS snake robot project
  • Worked with throw-and-go Micro Air Vehicles at NASA JPL

Public repositories

Some of the code that I write is available online at my private GitLab server.


Cybernetics is a broad field that encompasses several topics: control and estimation, sensor handling and computer vision, embedded and real-time systems, hardware design, simulation theory, robotics and filtering techniques. The name is derived from the Greek term κυβερνάω (kybernáō) which means to steer, navigate or govern. This word is again the basis for this page.